Why I Can’t Live Without My Planner

Planning is a must in order to achieve the desired goal. Without planning, a person cannot achieve the required results in a systematic manner. It is important to be great at planning but some people lack the techniques and thus they need a planner in their life without which the survival is likely to be a lot more difficult. A planner can be a tool or an equipment, or a person who can keep a person active and make him or her act in accordance with the set plans and goals. The era of modernization and information technology has brought numerous changes in the life of a modern individual and there are various tools and techniques which work as a planner. The smartphone can be used to make the daily tasks a lot easier. In short, it can be said that life without a planner seems very tough. There are some points which can highlight the significance of a planner:


– A planner can assist in highlighting the day to day activities in a systematic and organized manner. With the help of a planner, it becomes a lot easier to get an idea about the entire day especially if someone is a busy person.


– A planner is likely to keep a person motivated since completing a task can ignite the burning desire to accomplish the next task. It feels really good to accomplish something. Even making the bed in the morning is like a big accomplishment.


– A planner gives an idea about the variety of tasks and sort of gives the person an idea about their ability to understand tasks in great detail. For example, a planner can give an idea of the total time spent on a specific task and with the help of the collected information, the new day can be planned.


– A planner can also assist in remembering the important dates. Some people are so busy and consumed with work that they forget important days like a birthday of someone special or their own anniversary. With the help of the planners, the dates can be set so that the people can be reminded of time.


It seems that technological advancement has brought significant changes in the life of an individual. People also work from home nowadays rather than going to the office and a lot of people are working as entrepreneurs and bloggers from home. The planners can thus assist in making their tasks a lot easier and day to day activities can be planned and designed in a systematic manner. Thus, a good planner is likely to make the planning successful but it is important to stick to the plans in order to achieve the maximum and desired level of output. If a person does not follow the planner and just try to do the tasks haphazardly, it is likely to cause a lot of stress and thus the efficiency level would also be affected.